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Keeping Your
Team - and Your
Public - Safe.

In any construction environment, personal and public protection measures are absolute musts. Health and safety regulations exist for a reason. If you already work in the trade, you’ll already be doing plenty to keep your public and your team as safe as possible.

Appropriate mask fittings are crucial when working with power equipment, paint, or tools likely to disperse hazardous dust.

In the post-coronavirus world, wearing disposable masks is likely to be ongoing on many sites. But what about those masks that protect you from bigger particles and sprays?

Face mask fitting is a procedure through which the masks you need for your site are carefully adjusted to each member of your team. Without face mask fitting, they may be at risk of inhaling potentially dangerous materials.

Appropriate Face Mask Fitting-Clearsite Solutions

Why Do I Need Face Mask Fitting?

By law, all construction sites should keep records of face mask fitting. It’s a crucial part of the risk assessment process. As there are different masks for different purposes, it’s important that your whole team gets fitted for the masks and ventilators you’re going to need for the jobs at hand.

Face mask fitting is essential simply because one size never fits all. While it’s easy to assume a simple mask style will suit all wearers, we all have faces and chins of all shapes and sizes.

Make sure that your mask passes a qualitative test by having it fitted explicitly for the wearer. A professional face mask fitting guide will spray your team to test for taste and smell. This, in turn, shows whether or not a mask is fitted correctly per person.

Can I Skip Face Mask Fitting Altogether?

No, it is never recommended that you overlook face mask fitting. It’s a matter of health and safety. For minimal cost, you can make sure your team is protected against harmful particles in the air for some time to come.

While working in construction, joinery, carpentry and building, you will come across many materials that generate dust. Wood, brick, fibreglass, sandstone and more - all create fine, sharp powders that can cause serious harm if breathed in. That could lead to breathing problems for anyone working on your site - both in the long and short term.

In the case of silica dust, for example, breathing in particles could scar your lungs. It is simply not worth the risk! A poorly fitting mask could let particles drift in without you even realising it.

Is Face Mask Fitting Expensive?

Face mask fitting doesn’t have to be expensive. For teams of ten people or less, Clearsite Solutions provides a full face mask fit and qualitative mask test for £35 per person. This covers the complete fit and testing to ensure your masks fit and protect you as you expect.

Of course, face mask fitting is also available for larger teams. If you have a crew of more than ten people, contact Clearsite Solutions for a quote.

When Should I Book a Face Mask Fitting?

If your team has never booked a face mask fitting before, it’s important to start protecting your workers as soon as possible.

We recommend regular face mask fitting should you change mask types or if there are changes in your team. Call Clearsite Solutions now, or fill out the online form, to find out more.