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Keeping your
appliances safely

PAT testing, or Portable Appliance Testing, is a must for all public businesses. For offices, construction sites and holiday lets, there’s a need to make sure your electrical appliances are safe to use!

Whether you run a private site or public premises, safety testing is a duty of care.

But how often will you need to run these tests - and what can you expect from the costs?

PAT Safety Testing-Clearsite Solutions

How often should I arrange PAT testing?

PAT testing in most public businesses and holiday lets should take place at least once a year. However, this testing should take place quarterly - every three months - for construction sites and industrial settings.

Yet, these schedules may differ depending on the appliances you use. To avoid any doubt, always get in touch with a seasoned professional for advice.

How much does PAT testing cost?

Within our 30-mile catchment area, Clearsite Solutions provides affordable PAT testing on demand for various commercial and letting needs.

Our professionals will test up to 40 items on your premises for £70 + VAT. You can add additional items at £1 + VAT each. Discounts unlock for packages over 100 items - just let us know what you need, and our team will be on hand to help.

Clearsite Solutions offers a cut-rate from 50p + VAT per item for testing on-site at larger business premises, multi-site premises, hospitals, and universities. This is subject to tiered pricing and the number of appliances you require testing in total.

Which appliances need PAT testing?

As the name suggests, portable appliances are covered by PAT testing. Essentially, anything with a plug that uses a standard power socket needs to be tested. Testing covers those appliances that aren’t fixed into a property or premises.

For example, the following appliances will require regular PAT tests:

PCs, Macs, laptops and monitors
Air conditioning units, fans and heaters
Power tools (handheld and heavy-duty)
Vending machines 
Portable lighting
Kettles and toasters
Internet routers
Sound systems and speakers
Extension cables and extension reels

If you are unsure whether or not an appliance is covered under PAT testing, a competent professional can help.

Is PAT Testing important for my business?

Whether you run an office, a shopfront, construction site or doctor’s surgery, where there are appliances, you’ll need safety checks. Ultimately, a quick glance at the odd bit of equipment isn’t going to be enough!

PAT testing, undertaken by a competent professional, can ensure everyone’s peace of mind. There’s also the added benefit of PAT records assisting risk assessments, where appropriate.

In addition, PAT testing can be an occasional endeavour. New items and appliances shouldn’t need testing out of the box. Providing you set up at least a yearly check (quarterly for construction sites), you can continue to run your premises as normal.