Strip out contractors, getting buildings ready for a new lease of life.

Having been with Clearsite Solutions since day one, I’ve seen first hand how the business has grown and evolved into the specialist strip out and internal demolition operation it is today.

Hundreds of successful strip outs later, I’m excited to see the business into its next evolution.

strip out conractors-Clearsite Solutions

Our promise to you.


We know that things don’t always run smoothly on a site.

At Clearsite Solutions, we pride ourselves on our ability to problem-solve. We make the best of whatever situation comes our way during your project.


Ensuring everyone’s safety during your strip out is absolutely essential. We guarantee our teams are highly qualified in all aspects of site safety.

Health & Safety


If there’s one thing we know, it’s that construction faces tight deadlines and tight budgets.

Our experienced strip out team always strives to complete projects on time and to the allocated budget. This has enabled us to become a trusted soft strip demolition partner of several large scale construction companies.

Stress Free

When undertaking large soft strip demolitions like these, you want to know you’ve left things in the hands of experts.

We approach every project on a case by case basis. Plans are made factoring in location, the nature of the building, and environmental or recycling requirements. Sit back and relax, knowing that preparation for your building's transformation will be taken care of by the professionals at Clearsite Solutions.